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Here is a glimpse into the sights and sounds of the city of lights. For those who have been to Paris this will bring back fond memories. “THE BEAUTY OF PARIS” is a visual aperitif….  It awakens your senses to the romance of Paris and leaves you wanting to be there on your own.

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“THE BEAUTY OF PARIS”, hosted by ARTHUR ABRAHAM and ROSE MARIE MARCEL aims at the heart and aims at the nice things of life and not at violence or hate or explosions, which seems to be the daily theme nowadays.

We have all heard of Christian Dior, but do you know the real story? How did the perfume “Poison” get its name and who is Christian Dior?

“THE BEAUTY OF PARIS” with its educational, informative and mostly entertaining qualities, definitely is the best buy for family entertainment.

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"THE ABRAHAM AND MARCEL SHOW "is a talk variety show where we interview celebrity guests in NEW YORK and PARIS, FRANCE. Besides the guests in every show, we take you through a delightful and entertaining tour of the city of lights PARIS, FRANCE, the world of fashion, glamour and champagne and also the fabulous, exciting NEW YORK CITY.

"THE ABRAHAM AND MARCEL SHOW", hosted by ARTHUR ABRAHAM and ROSE MARIE MARCEL, is an exciting weekly television show with a fascinating new approach to interviews with Celebrities, Movie Stars and other dignitaries where we allow them to talk about the good things in life and the good things that have happened to them…We do not talk about negative aspects. We talk about positive aspects in their lives.

Like the French Revolution that changed the face of History, the concept of “THE ABRAHAM AND MARCEL SHOW" will forever revolutionize “Talk shows”.

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