It awakens your “senses” to the romance of Paris and leaves you wanting to be there on your own.

Aims at the heart and the nice things of life. Not at the violence or hate, which seems to be the daily theme nowadays.

A glimpse into the sights and sounds of the city of lights. For those who have been to Paris, this video will bring back fond memories. This is the first and only video which features a unique combination of documentary flavor with informative interviews and an entertaining blend of travel around Paris.

When you hear “Paris France” you think of the Champs Elysees and the Eifel Tower. However, unlike other shows about Paris, that we are all too familiar with, this video not only shows you the “Beauty of Paris” but also exposes and brings to light what Paris, France has contributed to the world of fashion, perfume, food and fine etiquette.

You will never taste crepe suzette anywhere in the world like you will here in Paris, France, especially here at club Pigalle. They really know how to make them!

When in Paris, you are invited to stop by LES PRINCES restaurant, located inside the GEORGE V HOTEL. They specialize in classical gastronomical French cuisine.

The cathedral of Notre Dame was begun in 1163 A.D., by King Louis IX. It took 150 years to build all the various magnificent stages of architecture.

Club Pigalle where the famous and near famous go to dine and relax, where the full menu continues on after midnight, as does the entertainment. When in Paris, you must go to Club Pigalle!